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Blossom: The New Women's Perfume Signed Come in una Favola

The perfume for Her, Come in una Favola Blossom

A delicate and velvety fragrance for women, which revolves around a heart of musk and amber enveloped by a first floral accord of rose and peach, and the final persistence of patchouli.

Blossom, a feminine fragrance created by Come In Una Favola to accompany the woman who loves to seduce with grace and discretion!

Blossom: the Ideal Perfume for the Bride

Have you thought of everything for your wedding day, starting with your wedding dress? Among the many details, do not overlook the choice of perfume, because this will be the fragrance of your most beautiful day and will be linked to your memories for the rest of your life.
Carry Blossom, the Come In Una Favola fragrance, with you at all times to make your wedding even more unforgettable. 

Try Blossom in all Come in Una Favola Ateliers, discover the new fragrance now 🌺

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